I for sure and 100% positive that I had downloaded a backup of this Website's database back in the day for future restoration. I cannot, however, for the life of me find where it is. I have all kinds of data from as far back as 1997, but cannot locate the backup. As a consolation, the Internet Archive Wayback Machine at https://archive.org was at least available to allow me to replicate the structure of the forums.

I hope some of the old hats find their way back here after being offline for a little over 4 years. This past February marked 20 years since I launched Drumlines.org. I imagine by now some of the kids of the original members could be here. Maybe it's better the old posts don't exist after all.... ;-)

Everything is pretty vanilla now, feature-wise. I had heavily modified the Website, but those are all absent for the time being. I may be adding some of the old features back over time, and making other changes depending on the consensus and if/when this place becomes hoppin' again.


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